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EXPO 2005 AICHI Japan
The Drakies Chamber choir(18 boys)in AICHI EXPO 2005
Part 1 Afrikaans and Pops

The Drakendberg Boys' Choir was invited to " Aichi Expo 2005" for African stage by South Africa Embassy of Japan.
They had 6 shows for 3 days on stage at African section, and the boys gave very deep impression to Japanese people
The CDs were sold out before their last show in AICHI EXPO, but several people could not give up their CDs. They made phone call to me to ask to get the CDs. Somehow I managed to get the CDs for them.
Finally, they were so pleased to get the Drakie CDs !!

マンデラ氏を讃える歌 MOV00207AICHI EXPO 2005 (From national anthem)
Sound check of the 1st show/MC/SA NationalAnthem~Nuwejaar

「愛地球博2005」に招待されたDrakies―Chamber choir...18 boys。

Only 18 boys(chamber choir) could come for the show in Japan, but their perfoming was amazing with singing and dancing ! All the audiences had been deeply moved by DBC.
And more....AICHI EXPO staff also admired the boys Behavior.
We were very proud of The boys from South Africa.

Afrikaans songSing a song of SixpenceUgly Woman 
Afrikaans Song/Sing a song of Sixpence/Ugly Woman


Longest timeI feel good Zombie Jamborie
Longest time/I feel good/Zombie Jamborie

MOV00240Mr . SpockMOV00212
Brabara Ann /Mr . Spock/Sayonara

From Aichivisit the school
From Aichi to Niigata/Visit school

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